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Wishing Well

Wishing Well 2 Wishing Well side rose

3 hour hire period, total cost £40

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Wedding wishing wells are a fantastic ideas for couples expecting notes, cards, or money gifts. Wedding wishing wells give your guests the chance to express their congratulations on your special day.


We kept our love of all things vintage in mind when creating our Wishing Well; it’s a beautiful and thoughtful addition to your Wedding. It’s a great way to store all of your cards and money gifts in a safe way; our wishing well is locked for your security and will be emptied, in your presence upon collection.


Our wishing well is decorated with white rose garland on the sides of the frame as well as an organza ribbon. The ribbon is optional and can also be matched to your colour theme.


It was hand crafted and is unique to Cupid’s Candy Cart MK, the canopy of the well has two hearts outlined with diamante border.


We also cater for same sex couples!

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